Telephony Solutions

Effective communication is a key ingredient for a well run facility. Whether it is contacting staff members or locating the maintenance department personnel in an emergency, a wireless telephone network is a necessity in today’s business environment.

A sophisticated combination of PBX reliability and IP technology many systems can be a small number of desksets up-to several hundred, whatever you choose Help Call successfully bridges the gap between today’s requirements and tomorrows demands.

Voice-over-IP, also known as IP telephony, represents a new method of telephone service provision. Historically, telephone systems have used dedicated equipment to provide only telephone service. The equipment includes telephone switches, circuits to connect the switches, telephone sets, and so forth. Rather than using dedicated equipment, VoIP will use much of the same infrastructure as a data network uses. It achieves this by converting sound into small packets of data and transporting them via the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) between telephone sets. The main benefits of a VOIP system is  drastically reduced telephone bills and multiple phone locations away from the facility.