Community Outreach Safety Programmes


iAlert for Living at Home Safely

NEW  iAlert, the “intelligent alert”  that can detect a fall and automatically trigger a call for help even if you cannot summon it yourself.  The only intelligent alert that;

  • can be worn 3 ways – Pendant with Safety Break links, Brooch or Clip
  • has the ‘Not Worn’ alert feature
  • has a ‘Cancel’ button option
  • has a Sensitivity setting feature to allow flexible programming options for the User to reflect their needs, from low to high sensitivity

Base Unit

  • Loud speaker and microphone to enable full two-way voice between our Operators and You
  • Red Help Button – in addition to the Personal Help Button you wear the Red Help Button can be pressed to call our Operators
  • Green Cancel Button if you need to cancel a call
  • Blue Away button
  • Reliable 30 hour battery back-up in the even of a power failure. The most extensive battery back up available.
  • The Help Call Base Unit simply links to power and your telephone jack and can be used alongside your existing telephone.
  • Answer incoming telephone calls simply by pressing your Help Button or Fall Detector
  • Receive monthly test call reminders from our Team
  • Adjust the volume levels so you can hear comfortably
  • Use the Base Unit with all the Help Call personal devices like the Help Button, Fall Detector, Flood Sensor, Inactivity Monitor, etc.

Help Button Pendant

Get help fast simply at the touch of a button
basic-pendantAttractive Pendant style, the personal Help Button weighs less than ½ ounce so is very lightweight.  The adjustable length cord also features safety ‘break away links’ unlike other personal response providers.  The Pendant allows access by both hands when you need to press for help.

Help Button Wristband

Get help fast simply at the touch of a button
basic-wristbandDiscreet Wristband option the personal Help Button weighs less than ½ ounce so is very lightweight.  The adjustable length wristband enables you to wear in a comfortable position on your wrist.

  • The Help Button is full waterproof so can be worn even in the shower or bath tub.
  • Can be worn either as a Pendant with safety break away links or Wristband.
  • Can be pressed to answer incoming telephone calls so your caller can be heard over the loudspeaker on the Help Call Base Unit.
  • Press for help from anywhere in and around your home

Temperature Extremes Sensor

Detects low, high or rapid rate of rise of temperature within the home and sends an appropriate alert to our Operators for early intervention.

Wandering Client Sensor

The wandering client sensor is designed to monitor the safety of people with cognitive impairments who may be prone to leaving their homes for an extended periods at inappropriate times of the day or night, putting themselves at risk.

The wandering client sensor is located above the door and comprises a PIR (Passive Infra Red) movement detector, door contacts and a control module which together detect if someone has walked out of the door and not returned. The alarm can be set to activate for certain periods of the day, and will work with the Caresse/Caresse+ to make a call either to the caregiver, onsite staff or the monitoring centre.

The solution can be tailored to suit the specific daily activities of the individual. There is an optional facility available to automatically turn on an outside light to help reduce the risk of falling.


  • Wireless connection to the host unit (Caresse or Caresse+)
  • Flexible monitoring times that meet individual needs
  • Automatic alarm function if a door is left open – ensuring user safety at all times
  • Allows the main caregiver to override pre-set timings, avoiding unnecessary reoccurring calls when visiting a client during times when the sensor is active
  • Automatic control or outside lighting using optional X10 controller
  • Configurable for individual requirements using a PDA and software

Flood Detector

The Help Call Flood Detector provides early notification of a potential flood situation within the home when it is placed near the water source (eg bath tub or kitchen sink).  When moisture is detected the Flood Detector activates the Help Call Base Unit and one of our Operators can notify the User, Caregiver or designated contact.

Lock Box

Offers a secure place to store a door key in the event that emergency access is required and your home is locked.  Sits on your door knob or handle and a 4-digit combination code allows access only by trusted people if you are unable to let them into your home yourself.  The Lock Box can also be wall mounted in a preferred location.