Safety & Security Solutions



PA Systems

The goal of a PA system is to provide “public address”, a way to transmit audio communication within a facility. The PA system can be used to play background music in common areas or for presentations where a microphone is needed. Pages can be transmitted from a deskset or microphone into corridors and suites for emergency notifications.


Door Access

Access control systems provide authorized individuals safe and secure access in and out of various parts of your facility while keeping unauthorized people out. They can range from electronic keypads that secure a single door to large networked systems with fobs for multiple access points, e.g Front door, Garage door, medical centre. Access Systems also greatly simplify management of your facility: no need to replace lost keys, hunt down old keys from terminated employees, or wonder who has access to which areas.


There are many different types of CCTV systems available—wired and wireless—and their modes of operation vary; however, the basic components are in essence the same: a CCTV camera, a CCTV monitor & a Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

The images collected are sent to a CCTV monitor and recorded on a DVR hardrive. The size of the hardrive determines how long the images are stored for, typically a 2TB hardrive with 16 cameras and motion sensing will store upto two weeks of data

This is particularly useful for unmanned systems. The recorded information can be stored and/or reviewed by those who have access to the recordings at their convenience. Many of the latest DVRs also have network connections so that saved and live footage can be accessed remotely via a PC or their smartphone over the internet.